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PC-Navigo-2011 is a Voyage Planner for Europe’s inland waterways
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PC-Navigo-2011 is a Voyage Planner for Europe’s inland waterways. It's a "River Information System". The program contains all the data on the navigable waterways of the European continent. PC-Navigo-2011 also contains a navigation chart viewer, with which detailed charts of the inland waterways can be shown. To execute all these tasks in a practical way PC-Navigo-2011 contains smart algorithms that can find even the longest and most complicated routes within seconds. A whole range of clever and clear functions are available to guide the user fast and efficiently towards the required data. In the process PC-Navigo-2011 calculates all sorts of handy facts, e.g. the amount of engine hours required to reach your destination, the locks where delays will occur, and the location of the nearest fuelling possibility. All conventional possibilities of the latest Windows versions are applied in PC-Navigo-2011 : practical printing-functions, various search-engines and many preference settings allow the user to adapt PC-Navigo-2011 fully to his or her own wishes. PC-Navigo can be used as a menu-driven program, but also with wizard-guidance: simple questionnaires that take the user almost literally by the hand. Even the (interactive) survey chart can be used to control the program. Of course routes can be stored and reopened later. It is possible to switch to a different language (Dutch, French, German and English are standard). An unlimited number of ships can be stored in the memory banks. And finally, interactive help screens can be consulted anywhere in the program with a simple touch of the F1-key

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